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  1. Well hey there sister (I'm a daughter to the King of Kings too and aint He amazing!)

    Blogging is an amazing outlet. I have been doing it a couple of years and didn't think I'd enjoy writing this much.

    Having a special needs child has me focused on writing even more.

    God Bless you and your lovely family,


  2. I never knew you hate talking on the phone?! Sorry I make you do something you hate. :-( I'm glad you are into blogging...I love all the updates you do. Unlike your slacker friend in Oregon who does one update a month...if that. But I had a little talk with her and she is going to try and get in the habit of doing one update a week.

  3. I just had to comment on your working part full time. I know you aren't now. But when Travis and Alesha were little I use to have to drop them off at the babysitter at 3:30 AM and there was so many times I wondered how I even drove to work or made it there because I was so tired. I would close one eye and leave one open on the way there switching off. I played softball that would end some nights at 11 pm and have to be at work too during the week. I played on two teams and James played on two teams. So seems like we were there all week long. When I worked graveyard when Cody was in elem. and Alesha and Travis in middle school. Went to work with no sleep so often. I would wake up if got any sleep at 2:30 PM and had to be at work at 11. Travis and Cody were in football and Alesha was in softball so never got much sleep with practices and games before going to work. :0) I did have to quit that one after like 6 months. It so was bad on my body for sure. I feel you all the way and just love reading what you right. You can so put in great words... Great work Cousin!!!!!!!!!

  4. New follower!!! Excited to be here :)


  5. love your about me page...
    these are hard to write and I've not done it yet. ;)
    I am right there with you on not liking math, lack of sleep, horror movies and curling my own hair (mine is pretty thick too) And really almost your whole list, except I like spicy spicy food... I know it's weird but sometimes i like it when my tongue burns. Weird huh...

  6. oh I wanted to mention this but forgot... Friends is one of my favorite shows and it made me laugh that you relate to Monica, she's one of my faves on the show. her character is such a fun one to watch.

  7. Hi I'm Heather! I found your blog through Scripture and a Snapshot & am excited to be your newest follower! :) I loved your About Me page ~ I also live in NC & am originally from California! Yep, Burbank born & raised! I moved out here almost 4 years ago. Anyway, I was just excited to find another NC resident from home! :)

    Have a blessed week!

    Heather @ Catfish Kisses

  8. Ok, we could be GOOD friends! I hate onions...I only like a handful of country songs/singers as well (although i will say, SugarLand is winning me over, they are super cute and their stuck like glue song is awesome driving music), I am SOOO like Monica in the cleaning dept. I have 3 kids, so.....you know it be get'n messy up in here. I was JUST in OBX and loved it, but am from the east coast (VA) so I know how hot those months are. AND i have curly hair, so...that doesn't look good...not for one bit. I hate horror movies, I loath running (thus I am forcing myself to do it everyday), I hate folding laundry and putting it away....especially putting it away...oh boy. Anyway, we could be great friends friend. :)

  9. Nice to meet you Casey, glad I've stumbled across your blog. ps I hate onions too!

  10. love it!! you are an inspiration friend. Your love for life and joy has always been contagious. The love of the Lord sure does shine through you. I look forward to following your blog.


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